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Piloting a 288GTO with any degree of conviction is like hooking up with the world's sexiest woman, only to discover that she's a cannibal. The F40 is sublime if only slightly scary, leaving you clinging to the memories while desperately craving more. The F50 is that rarest of things - an underrated Ferrari. It's still jogging on the sidelines, awaiting its big chance, but its time will surely come. Then there's the Enzo. It looks like it emerged from an art-therapy programme, but there's little that can match it for crazy performance. Yet if push comes to shove, the F40 still steals the show. Against a backdrop of grey, grim skies, and surf's up levels of standing water, it still has the ability to astound. Most supercars fade over time, their spell at the top all too fleeting, but the F40's magnetism grows with every passing year. It just goes to show that complicated isn't always better.

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